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Social, Healthcare and first responder services will be transferred from the municipalities to the newly founded counties. These services typically make up for more than half of the budget of the municipalities, making this a very significant change.

The elections will take place on the 23rd of January 2022. You can cast your vote in advance from 12th until the 18th of January.

I am a candidate for the Christian Democrat party in the Pirkanmaa county. On these pages you can find a bit more information about me, which may help you to decide whether I am worthy of your trust. If you decide to vote for me, I will be grateful for your confidence.


I am a digital health researcher aged 55, and active in society. I am originally from the Netherlands, have lived over half of my life in Finland, and have acquired Finnish citizenship. And I would like to build this society together with you.

I have become acquainted with the challenges of healthcare through my diverse work. Digital innovations can be instrumental to solve some of these challenges, although also the human aspect should always be kept in mind. In my personal life and as immigrant, I am well aware of the challenges of immigrants and the social and health services supporting them.

I want to help develop social and healthcare services respecting each person and equality. The availability of services should be improved, but their offering should consider also the resources of the personnel. Also ecological values should be considered in the development of holistic services.  

More about me


  • Improving healthcare efficiency by means of technology; enabling remote services and rehabilitation, supporting aging-in-place (homecare) and improved resource planning and knowledge-based decision making. Solutions will require co-development in a multidisciplinary ecosystem and reserving sufficient resources.
  • Applying a holistic, ecological and human-centred approach in the development of healthcare solutions. In addition to service quality, also e.g. the needs of personnel, the environment, the provider ecosystem and specific needs of the area should be taken into account. Services should be developed to be more accessible and seamless from the customer’s perspective.
  • Increasing emphasis on preventive healthcare and social work. Moving towards coaching people to maintain a good health instead of care of diseases.
  • The development of immigrant services to make integration more efficient including high quality and personalised language teaching and employment support.